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5 Essential Tips for Extending Your Car’s Engine Life

Cars, much like pets, require a bit of love and attention to keep them purring. Ensuring your car’s engine runs smoothly for as long as possible doesn’t need to be a Herculean task. With a sprinkle of care and regular check-ups, your four-wheeled companion can stay in tip-top shape. Tower Service Station is about to reveal five golden nuggets of advice to help you keep your car’s engine humming happily for years to come.

Don’t Miss Regular Oil Changes

If you’re in Hamilton, visit Tower Service Station to have your routine oil change done by a professional.

Keeping Things Slick

Imagine your engine as a city. Oil is the traffic control, ensuring everything moves smoothly without any hitches. Neglecting oil changes is akin to removing traffic lights from intersections — chaos ensues. Aim to replace the engine oil and filter every 8,000 to 12,000 kilometers, though your trusty manual might suggest otherwise based on your car’s specific needs. Fresh oil keeps the engine components well-lubricated, reducing wear and tear. It’s the easiest way to avoid a mechanical mutiny under the hood.

Don’t Skimp on Your Vehicle’s Filters

Tower Service Station will replace your old, worn-out filters with clean, happy, new ones.

Air and Fuel Filters Should Not be Overlooked

Air and fuel filters might not get the spotlight often, but they’re the guardians of your engine’s galaxy. The air filter prevents nasties like dust and debris from entering the engine, while the fuel filter keeps impurities in your fuel from reaching the engine. Replace these filters regularly to ensure your engine isn’t choking on the bad stuff. This simple step can be a game-changer for your engine’s longevity.

Keep It Cool: Check Your Engine Temperature

Overheating is never a good sign. Check your engine’s dashboard!

Avoiding a Meltdown

The cooling system is your engine’s personal summer retreat. It prevents your engine from overheating on those scorching road trips or during a traffic jam. Ensuring the coolant level is topped up and the system is leak-free is like making sure the air conditioner is running before a heatwave hits. Regularly check the coolant level and keep an eye out for any leaks, especially if your car is a bit of a golden oldie. An overheated engine is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, so keep things cool to avoid a meltdown.

Belt Up: Make sure your Timing Belt is Fine

By the way, we handle timing belt adjustments and replacements for all vehicles in/passing through Hamilton.

Timing Is Everything

The timing belt is the unsung hero, ensuring that your engine’s valves open and close like clockwork. Neglecting the timing belt is like forgetting to wind up a grandfather clock; eventually, time stands still. Or, in your engine’s case, it might just decide to retire early. A snapped timing belt can cause catastrophic engine damage. Check your manufacturer’s guide for when the belt needs a refresh. It’s a small price to pay for keeping the heart of your car beating strongly.

Listen to Your Engine

Your engine speaks best about any impending doom and gloom.

Tuning Into Your Engine’s Needs

Last but certainly not least, get into the habit of listening to your engine. No, we don’t mean a deep, soul-searching conversation (though who are we to judge). Pay attention to any unusual noises, be it a knock, tick, or anything out of the ordinary. These sounds can be early warning signs that your engine needs a bit of TLC. Addressing issues early can prevent them from turning into a full-blown opera of mechanical woes.

If your engine is making a sound it shouldn’t while starting, revving, or idling, give Tower Service Station a call right away: 905-574-6166


Keeping your car’s engine in prime condition doesn’t require a magic wand or a degree in rocket science. A bit of regular maintenance, coupled with some keen observation skills, can go a long way. Embrace these tips with open arms, and your car will thank you with years of reliable service. So go ahead, give your car the love it deserves, and enjoy the smooth ride!

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