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Checked Gas Prices Lately? – Better Fuel Economy in Hamilton

Checked Gas Prices Lately? – Better Fuel Economy in Hamilton, Many Hamilton area folks want to know how to improve fuel economy. At Tower Service Station, we help Hamilton drivers keep their vehicles in prime condition which makes them more efficient fuel-wise. When your car works the way it was designed to, it means it uses less fuel: And you save cash.

Checked Gas Prices Lately? – Better Fuel Economy in Hamilton

To help organize our discussion, let’s think of things that rob us of fuel economy in two ways: increased friction and inefficient fuel combustion.

Friction. Anything that increases friction increases drag or load on the engine. It has to work harder to overcome the drag and that takes more fuel. The first thing that comes to mind is engine oil. Low oil means there’s not enough to fully lubricate the engine so there’s more friction.

The wrong viscosity and grade of oil can also adversely affect fuel efficiency. Talk to your Tower Service Station service advisor about the right kind of oil for your car. Dirty oil won’t lubricate as well as clean oil. The same principles apply to transmission fluid. Getting your oil changed and transmission serviced on schedule will reduce friction and save money on fuel.

Consider upgrading to synthetic oils in your differentials, engine and transmission to reduce friction. Another friction-related problem is underinflated tires. When tires are low on air, it’s like driving through sand, the engine has to work harder to move every kilometer. Hamilton drivers should check their tire pressure at least once a month.


Sticking or binding brakes put a drag on your vehicle and can hurt fuel economy. A simple brake inspection at Tower Service Station can uncover potential problems.

Let’s move on to fuel. A dirty fuel system has varnish and gum interfering and the fuel injectors may be unable to deliver the correct amount of fuel at the right pressure and in the spray pattern that the engineers intended. A fuel system cleaning will get all of that working right and really improve fuel economy.


Replacing worn spark plugs will burn your fuel as efficiently as possible, saving money at Hamilton pumps.

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