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A  common question we get asked by our customers during the Fall and Winter seasons is whether they need 2 or 4 winter tires.  The simple fact is that installing two winter tires on any vehicle is quite dangerous.

If a rear-wheel drive vehicle has two snow tires installed in the rear, you’ll certainly be able to get moving a lot easier. But what happens when you need to steer, or stop? You have tires on the front of the car that may not be up to the task. If a front-wheel drive vehicle has winter tires installed only on the front, it is very easy for the rear of the car to lose traction going around a corner or under braking, which can lead to oversteering  or to fishtail(rear of vehicle slides outwards) . Winter tires will work better in the colder weather, they have a soft compound and are so much more capable than the snow tires of old. It is not a good idea to install only a pair.

This leads into another area, which is four-wheel drive. Of course, four-wheel drive will help any vehicle, regardless of tires, to get moving more easily in inclement weather. You have twice as many tires clawing at the ground than normal. However, once you stop accelerating, and start to coast, or brake, or turn… Four-wheel drive is doing absolutely nothing for you other than being a few hundred more pounds to bring to a halt. This is where having a winter tire on the vehicle becomes a very good idea.

At Tower Service station your Hamilton auto repair headquarters, we sell many brands of snow tires to suit your budget. Please call us or send us an email if you have any questions regarding winter tires.



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